David Kalman


David is a Managing Director for Root. Since joining Root in 2001, he has worked with clients to develop and deploy solutions that generate business results by increasing the level of understanding, commitment, and engagement in all levels of a company’s strategic direction. He derives a high degree of fulfillment from helping employees at all levels within an organization find greater meaning in their work through an increased understanding of how they contribute to the big picture of the business.

His areas of expertise include helping clients craft and understand their vision/mission/values, identify and respond to marketplace trends, deploy go-to market strategies, enable process improvement through Lean and other process-focused initiatives, increase the organizational focus on innovation, and launch new brand strategies and brand-building processes. Having experienced firsthand the benefits that come from having a direct connection between an organization’s external brand and its internal culture, he is particularly passionate about helping clients create this connectivity for their own employees. His clients include PepsiCo, P&G, General Motors, Time Warner, Mattel, and Tetra Pak.

Before joining Root, David held various sales and marketing positions with ESPN, Fox Sports, and Music Choice. He earned a BA in marketing from the University of Arizona and an MBA from The Ohio State University. He serves as a board member for the Ohio Virtual Academy.

David is a native Southern Californian, but now resides in Maumee, Ohio, with his wife, two kids, and their dog. When he isn’t running marathons or attending concerts, he can be found coaching his daughter’s basketball team, pacing the parents’ sideline at his kids’ soccer games, or valiantly trying to help his wife in the kitchen.