The fact is, strategies aren’t clear to the business – which is why 90% of them are sub-optimized. The leadership team isn’t aligned on the priorities and direction to support the strategy. And the strategy isn’t being cascaded to the rest of the business in a way that enables them to bring it to life.

The Three Lies Leaders Tell Themselves

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We have a strategy

We have a strategy

Most leaders think they have a clear and well-defined strategy. The issue is – they’re not aligned on what that means and can’t articulate what the outcomes should look like for the business.

We have the data

We have the data

While most leaders believe they have the data that supports the strategic intent, that’s typically not the case.

We are clear on our priorities

We are clear on our priorities

Too much time focused on functional priorities leads to lack of alignment on the priorities that best serve the business as a whole.

Try This!

Draw a picture of your organization’s strategy. Now, think about the information you used to draw that picture. Next, think about the top five priorities for your organization. Do they align to your strategy? Do you think your colleagues would draw the exact same picture?

If any of that is hard, it’s OK. Visualizing fuzz or trying to create a picture everyone can agree on is difficult. These are the challenges that most organizations and leadership teams face (including most fortune 50 companies). A big reason is most leaders end up spending 75% of their time in the business instead of on the business.

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You Must First Align Your Leaders

Get clear on current state

Knowing where you are starting is the first step toward getting where you want to go. It also means diving deep into what has made the business work and what isn't working now.

Get clear on future state

What do you want to achieve? Once you have a clear idea of where you want to go, you can start working on building a map that gets you there. It also makes getting clear on priorities easier.

Get clear on priorities

Once you are clear on your current and future states, it’s important to have a vision of the priorities that will lead you there. Get everyone around a table, get clear, and get aligned.

Align Everyone to the Future State

Once your leadership team is aligned on the strategy or change, you must connect every single person in the business to the “why” and “how” of the strategy. Most importantly, make sure your culture supports the objectives for the business.

Strategy Creation and Alignment  

We have a Framework

How the framework works

We guide leaders on behavioral, cultural, and operational change using an eight-step framework that delivers and sustains change in many different types of organizations.

The Strategic Change Process  

The Strategic Change Process®

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