Root’s Strategic Change Process®

Root’s proven eight-step Strategic Change Process® guides clients through large-scale transformation. The process helps leaders get clear and aligned on their strategy, launch and implement that strategy to the larger organization, and enable ongoing refinement of the strategy over time, while supporting sustained results. Root’s blended approach of people-driven insights, creative and visual engagement methods, and strategy execution know-how enable and accelerate successful outcomes.

The Strategic Change Process consists of three core focus areas:

Clarify and Align
1. Come to agreement on the current state of the business
2. Build a shared view of the future and get clear on strategic direction
3. Assure alignment and strong conviction/buy-in on the plan and strategy
4. Identify and change the behaviors that have been holding the business back
Launch and Deploy
5. Get the next level of leaders engaged as advocates of the strategy
6. Create global individual ownership of the strategy
Refine and Sustain
7. Translate the strategy into operational changes in process, practices, and metrics
8. Develop skills to support the strategy and create competitive advantage

Delivering Strategic Outcomes

  • Enabling every person in your company to have a system-wide view of the business, the strategy, and the objectives, as well as their role in that system
  • Eliminating silos across functions and levels
  • Helping your organization create alignment, accountability, ownership, and advocacy at all levels of the business
  • Arming your people with the tools to track, drive, and adjust strategy execution to create operational excellence as a sustainable process, not just a “one-and-done” deployment