Senior Learning Designer


Sylvania, Ohio

Does this describe you?

  • You’re a learning nerd. Creating best-in-class blended and digital learning experiences for users is your passion. Phrases like user experience, cognitive load, and pebble in the pond are near and dear to your heart and you can toss out acronyms like ILT, ADDIE, LMS, and SCORM like it’s nobody’s business.
  • You’re an information and technology junkie. You love learning how things work and can process lots of content quickly. You never leave home without your smartphone, and maybe your tablet, too.
  • You’re a people person with a passion for innovation. You easily build rapport with strangers and find yourself connecting people to big ideas – inside and outside of work. You are captivated by the opportunity to make people better at what they do. You are good at juggling demands from different perspectives and lighting the way to one common path to follow.
  • You get things done. You thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. Changes and challenges are the spice of life.

On any given day at Root, you might…

  • Learn really cool content from a client’s subject matter expert. We work closely with clients to learn everything about their business and get the right content to enable their learners to thrive. It’s also pretty darn interesting to learn what happens behind the scenes at Fortune 500 companies.
  • Design engaging materials from the client’s content. This is where you put your heart and soul – drafting engaging, enjoyable solutions in multiple types of media. Strong writing, communication, and storytelling skills are a must.
  • Collaborate with awesomely talented people. Depending on the type of project you’re leading, you could work with other learning designers, a team of artists, quality assurance specialists, programmers, conceptors, graphic designers – each person is an expert at what they do, and it’s part of your role to bring them all together and deliver world-class work.
  • Travel to interesting places to test what you’ve built with end users. As the chief advocate for the end user, nothing beats that moment when you get to see how your work measures up. Sometimes, we do this virtually. Sometimes, we jump on a plane and meet our users face to face.
  • Rewrite something that you worked really hard on. We value collaboration with our clients. This may mean writing a second or third draft of something you thought was perfect. It’s not always easy, but when you develop a final product together, it is
  • Build a relationship with a client, even if you never meet face to face. While we spend a fair amount of time in person with most clients, we also have clients we only ever get to meet virtually. Regardless of the situation, we take pains to know our client and their organization inside and out, so we can constantly assess their needs and anticipate future solutions. This drives business for us, produces results for our clients, and empowers the end user.
  • Coach and develop others. Be a champion for your internal partners and show them the way to bring their best selves to work.

If you love what you’ve read so far and can meet the following requirements, we want to hear from you!

  • Bachelor’s degree in instructional technology, communications, English, or related field
  • At least three years of professional experience designing blended and digital instructional experiences
  • At least one year of experience developing and managing client relationships
  • Can provide one or two writing or work samples


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