New Study Reveals Managers as the Most Undertrained Employee

on April 14, 2015
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They are a critical element of your business. Your managers are the engines that keep things humming by mentoring and motivating staff, watching over the front line, and keeping the day-to-day moving forward while leaders maintain an eye on the big picture. If they are that important, why are we not training managers?

Training Managers Should not be Painful

Are you doing everything you can to help these mission-critical players be successful? Are you giving them the tools and knowledge to succeed – or are you overlooking one of your most important assets? Unfortunately, it might be the latter. A recent study reports that 65% of training executives in the U.S. say securing funds for training is a painful process. And 57% of those polled also admit their senior leaders don’t support current manager training programs.

Dig into the Reasearch

Surprised? To learn more about the reality for today’s multi-tasking manager and how Root Inc. thinks these challenges can be solved, check out the new report, America’s Workforce: A Revealing Look at Corporate America’s Most Neglected Employee.

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