Mean Tweets: Work Edition – December 2016

on December 19, 2016

Twitter is a must for breaking news, trending topics and yes … venting about work. Here’s to hoping that your employees aren’t any of the ones below who took to social media to vent about bad bosses, boredom and more. If you do recognize a Twitter handle below, it’s definitely time to rethink your employee engagement strategy for 2017! You might also consider re-reading the other articles in this issue. 🙂


To every boss out there – there is never a good reason to make an employee cry. While constructive feedback is a must, making someone cry won’t motivate, inspire or engage them. @normannorms, we hope this bully boss apologized and handed you a tissue!


Attention @kelseyseko’s boss – you’re failing! If your mere presence causes stress to your people, something is wrong. You should consider brushing up on some basic manager skills. A boss should be seen as a source of knowledge and support. No ifs, ands or buts.


@annmariekosi – yikes! People are engaged, just not at work! But maybe this is a good thing … perhaps your obvious boredom and disengagement will prompt a conversation on what actually motivates you and helps you see how your contributions are making a difference.


Bah! @brie_comeau we feel for you! Two clear opportunities for this organization – 1) make sure your leaders are aligned on the priorities for the business and that it’s been communicated to managers and 2) help your managers understand their roles in helping their teams be successful – they’re clearly missing some skills here.


Hearing that @szienmyname loves his job makes us smile … but, without a good boss, things are as good as doomed. We hope a good leader is helping coach this less than stellar boss or else they’ll be sending a good employee packing.


#Nailedit! This tweet was written by a man after our own hearts. People quit their manager, not their jobs, so take these tweet to heart, leaders, and let it help guide your management decisions in 2017 and beyond.

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