Educating and Engaging Your Employees

on April 12, 2018
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The value of regularly checking in with employees to make sure they are clear, happy, motivated, and understand their role in company success cannot be underestimated.

Four Seasons Produce – one of the largest independent product wholesales in the US – understands and acts on the responsibility of knowing what is going on in the inner workings of the company. When an internal survey yielded data that led them to believe changes needed to be made, they paid attention and acted immediately.

The company enlisted Root Inc. to appeal to employees in an innovative manner. Root took feedback directly from the employees to help create visual solutions that would move the company forward by engaging its employees in new ways. Four Seasons is no stranger to using visual tactics to convey important information, so they knew Root’s methods would resonate with their workforce and inspire the change they needed. Employees received Root’s Strategic Learning Map Process positively. The result was an environment that was more aligned and cohesive in terms of the company’s mission and goals.

Are you tapped into your employees? Are you confident they understand the driving force behind your company? If you can’t answer both of those questions with a resounding “yes”, you may need to take a closer listen to what they have to say.

Nelson Longenecker, Vice President Business Innovation, Four Seasons Produce, Inc looks at the importance of educating and engaging your workforce in his Watercooler article.

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