Building Blocks for a High-Performing Team

on August 15, 2012
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Building Blocks for a High-Performing Team

One of the biggest misconceptions about organizational change is that EVERYTHING has to change.  The truth is, every organization has aspects that work and others that could use improvement or revamping.

Before engaging in change, you need to take a close look at all of the moving parts of your organization.  Ask yourself what works exactly as it should and what needs some tweaking.  There may be untapped talent within your walls just waiting to be used to benefit your organization.  How can you find it, unearth it, and leverage it effectively?  Perhaps there are different parts of your organization that can work together to accomplish more than they do independently.  How can they be maximized to help drive you closer to your end goals?

As an organization navigating change, you need to have buy in, open lines of communication, and an understanding of how everyone involved is a part of the bigger picture – your future vision.  Start by setting some ground rules that lay a strong foundation.  Then use that foundation as a launching pad to devise a strategy that will get you to the future you envision for your organization.

Bill Rudolph, Chairman of the Rudolph/Libbe Companies, offers more perspective on the importance of Building Blocks for a High-Performing Team in his Watercooler® article.

What are the ground rules in your organization?

How do you leverage your people’s talents while also creating new strength areas in the business?


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