Stacy Carr


Stacy is passionate about collaborating and partnering with her clients to solve business needs in creative and engaging ways. She is a life-long learner and constantly searches for ways to tap into the knowledge, capability, and talent of others to inspire them to make a difference and equip them for ultimate success. Stacy co-leads Root’s Learning Solutions group and is specially skilled in large scale culture change. She has worked with numerous industries, including Financial Services, Consumer Products, and Engineering firms, but especially enjoys working with Pharmaceutical organizations, given their ultimate impact on human and animal lives

Posts by Stacy Carr

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at Work: Do Your Employees Bring their Whole Selves Each Day?

Diversity and inclusion at work enables people to show up as their whole and authentic selves which allows them to bring 100% of their value everyday.

How Well Do You Showcase Diversity and Inclusion in Your Marketing Materials?

Here are three questions to ask to achieve diversity and inclusion in your marketing to ensure all of your customers are welcome into your company.