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Culture Insights from a Certified Great Place to Work: Contributing to the Community

Do your people feel good about the ways your organization contributes to the community? Today, giving to the community is a vibrant part of our culture.

Culture Insights from a Certified Great Place to Work: Being Recognized at Work

Does everyone in your organization have the opportunity to get recognition? I really value this particular question on the Great Place to Work survey

Culture Insights from a Certified Great Place to Work

In your culture, are managers approachable and easy to talk to? This question highlights the importance of leadership approachability in workplace culture.

Designing the Strategy Deployment Experience by Using Your Imagination 

When designing the strategy deployment experience, it's important to imagine yourself in the customer's shoes.

3 Ways Your Thanksgiving Table Can Inspire Strategy Success

Want to inspire strategy success? Well it's a lot like setting the table for Thanksgiving. It's all about the whole experience, and not just the turkey.

Culture vs. Strategy

It isn't culture vs strategy. It's culture, strategy and vision. Combining all three will ensure your company will have success.

Culture vs. Strategy

After all, evolving who you are – embarking on workplace culture change –doesn’t happen without self-reflection, discovery, and commitment

The Value of Play – A Creative Employee Engagement Method

We often build principles of play into our creative methods to solve business problems and build employee engagement along the way.

Learning How to Focus Business Investments

When you try to do too much, nothing gets done. Seeing the big picture helps companies understand which business investments are important.