Jill Kiepura

Jill Kiepura is a curious observer, a strategic thinker, an active collaborator, and a probing facilitator. Jill studied cultural anthropology at Northwestern University, and received Master’s degrees in environmental science and business at the University of Michigan through the Erb Institute, a partnership between the School of Natural Resources and Environment and the Ross School of Business. She enthusiastically applies these areas of passion to her work as a consultant at Root. While not at work, Jill can usually be found outside rock climbing or running.

Posts by Jill Kiepura

What Can COVID-19 Teach Us About How We Use Technology?

What can I learn from this crisis in relation to helping people adopt new technologies in the workplace? For me, this is not just about the technology. It’s about people. It’s about learning. It’s about maintaining both personal and professional connections during a time when it’s very easy to feel isolated.
Creativity in the Workplace

What’s in a Story? How to Tell Your Sustainability Story Successfully

There are 4 reason why storytelling is so powerful and enables you to tell your sustainability story successfully. Start telling stories today!

Corporate Sustainability: Getting Beyond the Buzzword 

Let's make 2017 the year where we get beyond the buzzword and start using real words to create a shared meaning among all employees.