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One Thing That’s Missing from Your Technology Implementation Plan

In my role of helping companies maximize technology and system adoption, I get a front row seat to see some really good work

3 Steps to Get Your Boss to Care About Change Management

Regardless of the industry or the size of the company, here’s one problem we hear a lot from our client project teams: “Our organization just

Want a world-class customer experience? Get back to basics.

Before I returned to Root last fall, I was working as vice president of operations at a software company. I loved being part of the leadership team

How to Stop Small Leaks from Creating Bigger Messes

As someone who has rehabbed a number of old houses, I felt completely in control when a toilet in an older bathroom broke. Sure, it had been awhile

How Successful Strategies Win

All organizations have business processes, such as order-to-cash and new product development. And today’s organizations are constantly trying to transform

Debunking 5 Traditional Workplace Beliefs

It often takes years for new insights to take hold and drive new behaviors. Take the research that linked smoking to cancer, or the connection between

Why Purpose Means So Much to Business

In 1960, the American Marketing Association defined a word that is now uttered approximately 76,983,042 times a day in today’s business world: “brand.”

Making It Work at Work

Companies spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours trying to understand more about their customers’ needs. But rarely is this rigor applied

FIVE Essential Elements For Keeping a Strategy Alive

Getting a strategy on paper is often the easy job. Getting a company of people to act on it is a much tougher job. The toughest job of all, however,