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Changes Aren’t Permanent – But Change Is

There has been a lot of great content put out about how to lead and engage your people and your organization in times like these. However, I haven’t come across much that is targeted at the individual. Yes, leaders need guidance, but as an individual I want advice on how best to navigate these difficult waters too.
Leadership Transformation

Leadership Lessons from the Basketball Court

Coaches are some of the first leaders we have (after our parents). Learn 3 leadership lessons from Lute Olson that he discovered while coaching at Arizona.

Tips & Tricks for Successful Strategy Development and Execution

Tips and Tricks for developing a successful strategy development and execution plain in 2017.

What Legos and a Canadian Power Trio Teach Us About Purpose – Part 2

40% of employees don’t understand their company’s purpose. If you don’t know what your company stands for how can you derive the pride of purpose.

What Legos and a Canadian Power Trio Teach Us About Purpose – Part 1

Connecting purpose and meaning at the various levels of the business is something that organizations don’t always do and it has detrimental effects.

Everyone Owns Employee Engagement – Not Just HR

Our experience bridging the divide between the “smart” and the “healthy” stuff shows that most companies still outsource the engagement of people to HR.

Adjusting the Focus for New Challenges

The dawning of a new year is a time when many organizations look to push the execution of their strategies beyond its current level to the mythical “11”

The Fine Line Between Direction and Engagement – Part 2

There is no silver bullet for simultaneously establishing a compelling vision and engendering employee engagement for execution

The Fine Line Between Direction and Engagement – Part 1

The question became, “How can we balance the need for leaders to establish their vision while gaining commitment from more employees?”

M&A Make or Break – Part 2 – Creating a Culture of Competence

Create a culture targeted at aligning organizational focus, capability, systems, and processes to enable the unique and differentiated value of each company

M&A Make or Break – Do Your Employees Understand the Value it Creates?

The culture of competence is undermined when leaders aren’t clear or aligned on the unique competence created and employees don't understand its value.

From 177 to 2011: Good Strategies Never Go Out of Date

“We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience.” George

What is “World-Class Customer Service?”

Acquiring and retaining customers is getting harder everyday. Creating a word-class customer service is a great way to create customers for life.

Managers’ Roles in The New Normal

Working for a company that’s going through a merger or acquisition can seem like adjusting to a new blended family. For a while, it’s unclear whose house