Brodie Hausch

Capacity-builder. Change optimist. Sometimes-blogger. Brodie combines practical experience with a unique point-of-view in service of his clients. Brodie has partnered with Fortune 1000 organizations in the retail, finance, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and non-profit sectors to deliver innovative, memorable, and engaging solutions that move the needle in their most important initiatives. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling the world, trying new recipes on his grill (with varying degrees of success), and staying involved in the community through volunteer work.

Posts by Brodie Hausch

Protect, Prioritize, and Pivot: Being Agile in the Current Pandemic

Prior to COVID-19, the broader talent community was already migrating toward blended programs of in-person, virtual, and digital modalities. The current situation has put a spotlight on the need to rethink how organizations come together to develop their capabilities and skills.

Are Your Values Words on a Wall, or Do They Walk Down the Hall?

Values, purpose and mission should align to the work an organization does—and all the decisions made along the way

What Learning & Development and Twitter’s Shrimp Fried Rice Saga Have in Common

A story comprised of bite sized snippets enthralled Twitter one day. Learn how we can apply these lessons to learning design and make training successful.