Alison Lazenby


Alison co-leads Root’s manager development capability and the Root Compass® manager development program, where she drives business development. She has a zeal for empowering and developing managers, whom she considers the “biggest source of untapped potential in organizations today.” Alison has worked with prestigious clients across the globe helping to scope, develop, and deliver exceptional leadership curricula that truly drive business success.

Posts by Alison Lazenby

If a Record-Setting Jeopardy! Winner Learns from Children’s Picture Books, Can You, Too?

Another ringing endorsement that visualization promotes retention came from the most recent Jeopardy! Champ. Contestant James Holzhauer

Managers: Your Key To Bridging the Gap

One of the widest and most damaging gaps in an organization exists between managers and their teams. A sure sign of this problem occurs when

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