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We bring your business strategies to life by focusing on your people. Root’s solutions enable organizations to deploy strategies successfully, create broad transformation or culture change, execute large-scale skill building, develop more effective leaders and managers, and find the bright spots in your business.

We do this by bridging the communication, process, skill, or functional gaps keeping your business from achieving expected results. Our methods engage your people’s heads and hearts – because you need both to get the job done. Just ask the 800+ organizations worldwide we've helped accelerate strategic outcomes.

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Our History

Founded in 1984, as Root Publishing, the company has evolved considerably. From creating the first Strategic Learning Map® more than 20 years ago to leveraging the most advanced digital capabilities today, we help leaders bring strategy execution to life at Global 2000 companies across all industries – from multi-billion dollar fast food franchises to manufacturing facilities to energy companies – by helping them engage their people as the engine for change.