Strategic Learning Map® Modules

“I can't be engaged if I don't see the big picture.”

Connecting your people's roles to the overall strategy and vision for your company takes more than a memo. It takes a map with the route clearly laid out. Whether you're implementing a single initiative or a company-wide strategic shift, Strategic Learning Map® modules convey large amounts of information and enable your people to understand the drama, emotion, and complex stories with a clear path for change.

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What a Strategic Learning Map® Module Is

Able to be deployed to thousands of people in a streamlined way that doesn't require experienced trainers, Strategic Learning Map® modules use icons, infographics, drawings, conceptual illustrations, and metaphors to tell your story in a visual way and facilitate conversations to create common understanding. Organizations whose people have experienced a Strategic Learning Map® module or a series of modules have seen a 65% increase in awareness and understanding of business and strategy issues.

With a Strategic Learning Map® module, you will be able to deliver:

  • A clear and aligned organization on the strategic business priorities
  • A workforce emotionally and intellectually connected to the strategy
  • Empowered people who recognize they are the catalyst for accelerated change

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How a Strategic Learning Map® Module Works

What Makes Strategic Learning Map® Modules Unique

Remember the best teacher you ever had? It’s like that, but better.

A Strategic Learning Map® module includes all three types of learning, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (physical activity). By ensuring these types of learning are built in, everyone is encouraged to come to their own conclusions. Because these are their own conclusions, people will act on them much more readily.

Three Types of Learning

Get your people talking (about strategy – and we don’t mean fantasy football)

By including 7–10 people from different parts of the organization and encouraging them to share feedback, insights, and expertise in the development process, you can break the barriers and create truly insightful conversations.

Get Your Employees Talking

It’s like a GPS for your organization

Seeing the “big picture” allows people to understand why their jobs are important and how they fit into the rest of the organization, which helps people solve problems even when their GPS “can't find a signal.”

See The Big Picture

Fits your organization like a glove

Strategic Learning Map® modules are not “off the shelf” products; they are hand-drawn solutions that are created by a strong partnership between your organization and Root. Root experts partner with your organization and our artists to craft a solution that will support your strategy.

Custom Strategic Learning Map Module

Deeper Dive into Strategic Learning Map® Modules

What clients are saying

Learn how our clients have seen positive results from using Strategic Learning Map® Modules. Read case studies and hear their storeis.

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One Strategic Learning Map® Module is powerful, but a whole series can have dramatic results throughout whole company.

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What a Strategic Learning Map® Module Looks Like

  • Strategic Learning Map Module
    Cards encourage interaction with the Strategic Learning Map® module.
  • Strategic Learning Map Module
    Viewing a Strategic Learning Map® module helps people see the big picture.
  • Strategic Learning Map Module
    All Strategic Learning Map® modules come with guides to help lead conversations.
  • Strategic Learning Map Module
    Visuals help people understand complex ideas.
  • Strategic Learning Map Module
    Matching exercises help people solve company problems.
  • Strategic Learning Map Module
    Strategic Learning Map® modules enable groups to have discussions.

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