Case Studies

ADP – “Selling The ADPway” To Focus on Buyers’ Processes

ADP has provided automated data systems for processing payroll and benefits for large and small organizations globally since 1947. In 2010, this $6-billion organization initiated a company-wide change for its 5,000 employees.

AEP – New Employee Orientation

In 2008, an unprecedented change began in the global financial markets, and it continues today. Businesses and industries all over the world are affected, and organizations are hustling to find solutions that will help them transform their companies quickly so they can adjust to the turbulent marketplace changes threatening their survival.

American Airlines Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity can be a sensitive topic for companies to address, so many turn to tried-and-true training programs to guide these conversations. However, the Diversity Strategies team at American Airlines wanted to create and update their long-standing diversity training program, internally known as the Value of Respect program, and shift from a compliance-based program to one focusing on interaction and engagement. The team envisioned a training course that truly represented the diversity of its employees and

BBVA Compass — One Picture Really Does Equal a Thousand Words

When BBVA Compass, a Sunbelt-based financial institution that operates more than 700 branches across seven states, embarked on an aggressive transformation of its technology platform, they needed a communications plan to gain support from its 12,000 employees.

Beaumont Hospitals – From Two Hospitals to “OneBeaumont”

Beaumont Hospitals have served southeast Michigan since 1955, growing from one small facility to a two-hospital regional medical center. Today, its medical staff includes more than 2,400 physicians representing more than 91 medical and surgical specialties. In 2006, Beaumont was embarking on a new strategy to unify the centers under a “OneBeaumont” banner.

Chiquita – Blended Learning Solves Two Problems

Chiquita is inarguably one of the world’s most recognized brands, with its products sold in grocery stores in more than 60 countries.

Recently, Chiquita leadership determined that it was time to evolve from a “banana company” to a “fresh consumer products company.” In redefining the company and shifting the strategy, there was a clear need to elevate the level of talent and leadership capabilities in Chiquita’s 26,000 employees in 27 countries.

Concurrent with this need to communicate

Clariant Paints Clear Picture of Supply Chain with Root’s Strategic Learning Map® Module

As one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant contributes to value creation through innovative and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries. The company’s portfolio is designed to meet very specific needs with as much precision as possible while also addressing key trends through research and development. This includes focusing on energy efficient, renewable raw materials, emission-free mobility, and conserving finite resources. Clariant’s business units are divided into four segments: Natural Resources, Plastics

Creating a Leadership Experience To Align on Strategy at TSYS

Since 1983, Total System Services, Inc. (TSYS), one of the world’s largest payment-services firms, has been a leader in payment technology and processing, providing solutions to the financial services industry. TSYS serves more than 300 processing clients and 80,000 direct merchants worldwide.

CUNA Mutual – Change Transition

Change requires a transition – a reorientation that people need to go through before change can work. CUNA Mutual Group, the leading provider of financial services to credit unions and their members, had recently appointed a new CEO and senior team and were in the process of transforming the company at lightning speed. In communicating the business case for change, and due to a transformation in the Sales organization, the executives in that area recognized

CUNA Mutual – Really Engaging Employees

In 2003, CUNA Mutual Group, the leading provider of financial services to credit unions and their members, initiated changes that included a new organizational structure, new ways to interact with internal and external customers, and a renewed focus on their strategy. But despite a barrage of communication including intranet articles, executive-led forums, and PowerPoint presentations about the new policies, behaviors didn’t change.

A 2004 employee survey showed that more than half of the employees didn’t understand their own business

DAI — The Birth of a Strategy

In the last decade, Bethesda-based DAI, which implements international development projects in 60+ countries, has experienced an impressive growth. DAI works to improve governance, infrastructure, agriculture, business, health care, the environment, and other areas vital to the progress of developing countries. The U.S. Agency for International Development has historically provided the bulk of the firm’s revenue. In the past few years, the agency has been heavily focused on rebuilding Afghanistan. DAI has rapidly become the

Delta — Embedding Diversity Into the Culture

Employees of Delta Air Lines had traditionally attended day-long diversity workshops intended to raise awareness of prejudices and biases in the workplace and targeted at translating diversity into a business capability. To effect a change, Delta wanted to embed the philosophy into the behaviors and beliefs of its people and into its processes rather than supporting an event that allowed people to say, “I took a class and now I’m diverse!”

Developing “Hamptonality”– Testing the Training

Like many organizations, Hampton invests substantial resources into creating a thorough brand and culture training for its employees. And like other organizations, they wanted to know if was truly working.

Dow – Embarking on Transformation: A New Business Model and Strategy

In 2009, Dow embarked on a transformation of the company. At the core of the transformation was a new business model and strategy, which had been in development and execution for several years.

Increasingly, it was clear that transformation was necessary, as the old ways of working no longer fit the new realities. A confluence of external factors was fundamentally changing the rules of the game. The most critical change was that oil producers wanted to

FirstEnergy – Connecting People to the Strategy

In an employee survey, people at FirstEnergy said that they wanted to know more about where the company was headed and what part they played in the business. Leadership contacted Root to design a program to help all employees better understand the changing utility industry, FirstEnergy’s strategies, and each employee’s contribution to its future success.

Georgia-Pacific – New Hire Orientation

Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products wanted to elevate the level of its new hire orientation program to address the learning styles of the Millennial generation and create an “immersive” experience for new employees. The goals were to present new and existing information relevant to new hires using a proven learning design approach, extensive use of visualization, and high levels of interactivity.

Global Biopharmaceutical Company Creates Employee Mindset Shift

A global biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. This particular plant is responsible for tech transfer, product launching, and excellence in bottled packaging.

Hampton – Leveraging Technology to Create a Community of Thousands

Making personal connections is a cornerstone of the hospitality industry. A few years ago at Hampton, many of their 1,850-plus General Managers were feeling isolated, without avenues to connect with other hotels. As a brand, they had collected various best practices, but collaboration across the lines was limited. General Managers wanted the ability to electronically share best practices, ask questions, and learn from the experiences of their peers. Being a franchise organization, however, it was a

Hampton – People Powered by Strengths

Hampton Inn, part of the Hilton family, boasts 1,400 hotels that are 99% franchise-owned and operated. Hampton led the mid-scale, limited service hotel industry for years, but when its numbers began to slip, leaders needed a way to “turbo-charge” the brand.

Holiday Inn Express – Uses E-Learning: What People Need, The Way They Want to Learn It

Holiday Inn Express is a franchise company of 1,450 hotels, part of the InterContinental Hotels Group. Developing a curriculum to serve – and appeal to – a wide employee base with limited time and training budgets would require an innovative, personalized solution.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio Engages Physicians to Positively Impact the Patient and Family Experience Related to End-Of-Life Care

Dedicated to caring for the terminally ill since 1981, Hospice of Northwest Ohio is the Toledo area’s largest provider of hospice care. As a non-profit, community-based organization, its mission is to provide specialized medical, emotional, and spiritual care to people of all ages (and their families) living with any end-stage illness. Their vision: To positively transform the way people view and experience the end of life.

McDermott – Blending Entities: Minimizing the Discomfort

When McDermott International planned to combine two of its entities, it wasn’t really an “acquisition,” but a definite blending of two businesses and their cultures.

MedImmune – Creating an Environment of Learning

MedImmune is the biologics arm of AstraZeneca, producing two marketed biopharmaceutical products, FluMist® (Influenza Vaccine Live, Intranasal) and Synagis® (palivizumab). Accordingly, the company is both highly technical and highly regulated. They’ve grown from 2,600 employees in 2007 to 4,200 today. With constant changes in the industry, MedImmune’s leadership wanted all employees within Operations, regardless of functional role, to have a common foundation of the what, how, and why of their work.

There were three basic goals

Merillat – the Masco Builder Cabinet Group: Facing Change Head-On

During the buoyant home-building market of the early 2000s, Merillat, a leading cabinet-maker and highly successful division of the Masco Corporation, enjoyed exponential growth. With demand outpacing supply, full order books, and successive years of impressive sales results, its leaders had no reason to expect anything other than future success. But significant market changes brought a disruption to this otherwise sunny forecast.

Monsanto – “Growing” Understanding of Strategy

Monsanto, one of the world’s leading agricultural companies, continually faces strong competition and new challenges. In April 2007, the leaders of the U.S. commercial organization created a strategy to earn the #1 position with customers.

When Monsanto examined its core competencies, they determined enhancements that were needed to build stronger relationships while increasing business. They used a cascaded communication from management to launch the strategy. The result? People didn’t connect the dots – there was little

Panda Restaurants – Blended Training Shows Big Results

California-based Panda Restaurant Group has 900 restaurants and 16,000 employees – it’s the nation’s largest Chinese foodservice provider. With an aggressive growth plan, Panda had one major obstacle to achieving its vision – a lack of consistent, targeted, skills-based training.

Petco – Rebounding Through Trust

Petco, a specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies, and services, enjoyed leading the market for years. In 2006, when competition intensified, Petco lost share and was acquired by private equity investors. CEO Jim Myers set the goal to regain the top spot in the market. To do this, he had to gain the trust of the entire company so they could see that his goal was not only possible, but that all associates had

Petco – Root Compass® Drives The Customer Experience

With the rapid growth of the Pet Specialty industry in recent years, Petco observed a real opportunity to take the leadership position in the market. Petco’s efforts began by creating alignment at the senior leadership level to develop a clear message about the marketplace and their strategy, and then a plan to engage customers. Once established, this strategy and associated initiatives were cascaded down through the Petco organization using multiple tools and techniques that centered

Pioneer – Collaborative Strategy by Dupont Pioneer Helps Employees Understand the Importance of Connecting to Business Processes

DuPont Pioneer strives to be the world’s most innovative plant genetics business, delivering industry-leading products and unmatched service and support. While there have been many changes since the business was founded in 1926, it has remained steadfast in its dedication to one guiding principle – the success of the business is based on its customers’ success. That belief has helped Pioneer become a leading developer and supplier of plant genetics to farmers worldwide and has

PLS – Managers Deliver the Customer Experience Through Their Teams

With the right elements, trainers at PLS knew they could create strong managers who could inspire their teams and operationalize their aggressive growth plan.

PPG — A Financial Story: Making Cash Flow “Personal” for Employees

In 2008, PPG Fiber Glass, the world’s leading coatings, specialty products and services company, was evolving from a mass production system to a lean-based customer pull manufacturing system to enhance organizational adaptability, better serve the changing needs of the customer base, and reduce the working capital or cash required to operate the business. In the past, the organization would have determined what was changing within each of the functions and trained only those employees on

Pulte Homes – Engaging People in a Down Economy

When people think of current economic challenges, one of the first industries to be mentioned is homebuilding. When that’s your business, keeping employees engaged and confident is a major focus.

The people at Pulte Homes are proud of their 58-year history, the half-million new homes and communities they’ve built across the country, and the awards and recognition they have earned over the years. In its recent past, Pulte moved from not even being a blip on

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Soars to New Heights with Root

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA) was created on January 1, 2003 as an independent agency to manage the day-to-day operations of San Diego International Airport and to address the region’s long-term air transportation needs. The legislation that created the Airport Authority mandates three main responsibilities:

  • Operate San Diego International Airport
  • Plan for the future air transportation needs of the region
  • Serve as the region’s Airport Land Use Commission – and ensure the adoption of land-use

Scotiabank – Communicating Change

Trends such as technology and changing customer preferences prompted Scotiabank to introduce a comprehensive business strategy that would transform service delivery in its Canadian branch network. The challenge was to implement the changes quickly while causing minimum disruption to its 28,000 employees at more than 1,000 branches.

Star Alliance – Connecting Virtually and in Person: A Blended Approach

The 28-member airlines of Star Alliance, the world’s longest-serving international airline alliance, handle customers all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people work for these diverse member airlines. With this kind of audience, providing training can be a challenging task.

At the Star Alliance Services GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany, 70 full-time staffers develop and implement new products and services together with the member carriers. They develop training for the member carriers’ employees to ensure proper

Starbucks — Creating Excitement for Training

In 2008, Starbucks Coffee Company had experienced phenomenal growth and expansion. They had created three leadership training programs focused on management styles and techniques that align with their unique culture. The programs complemented each other, provided foundational knowledge and insight, and developed capabilities. The programs were offered to store managers, district managers, and retail leaders. Starbucks needed a way to create excitement about the programs to drive enrollment, which was optional.

Not only did Starbucks want

Swarovski — Creating Compelling Client Experiences

The name “Swarovski” is synonymous with luxury. For many years, the company has been known as a manufacturer of fine crystal pieces perfect for collectors and gift-giving. They then expanded into the world of fashion with collections in both jewelry and accessories.

Synopsys Springboards Global Growth With Leadership Development Program

Synopsys is a publicly traded global technology organization that has its hand — or more precisely, its software — in almost everything. From cars to computers to medical devices, Synopsys provides the software, IP, and services used to create advanced chips and systems to run an array of electronics and gadgets. The company, founded nearly 30 years ago, has been on a steady growth trajectory, thanks to continual product innovation and several successful mergers and

Taco Bell – “Bold Future” Transformation

Taco Bell leaders saw a need to seriously examine the way it operated its restaurants – the operating system and processes, management capability, and organizational culture. They needed significant change at every level to increase restaurant revenue.

The senior team concluded that Taco Bell needed to “define the whole” – the way its system should work. However, in many ways, they didn’t have a system, but more of a “task approach.” They realized they weren’t defining

TD Wealth Empowers and Engages Women Investors with Highly Personalized Experiences

TD Wealth takes a personal approach to building its clients’ wealth and legacy, starting with getting to know them, their lifestyle, and the important people and activities in their lives. With wealth comes a complex set of challenges. Consulting with clients at every step, TD Wealth develops and implements fully integrated, personalized wealth management plans that fit existing needs and allow scalability for the future.

The Children’s Place – “Crime Scene Investigation” Teaches Loss Prevention and Safety

Children’s Place Retail Stores, Inc., a retailer known for its fashion-forward styles for children from newborn to 10 years old, had increased its number of associates more than 30% since 2004, to 14,000 at over 800 stores. With 21,000 employees and additional stores in development, The Children’s Place knew that several of its training sessions would need to change to accommodate its growth.

US Airways — Service Recovery Done Right Pays Off

In the airline industry, as in others, attracting and retaining preferred customers takes a lot of effort. US Airways focused their efforts on providing reliable operations and made tremendous strides. With operations in check, attention shifted to service – more specifically, service recovery. US Airways knew that to deliver service standards, especially in service recovery situations, each employee’s skill and attitude is critical.

Vattenfall Energizes the Business with New Strategy Rollout

As one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity, Vattenfall operates a commercial energy business focused on being a leader in developing environmentally sustainable energy production. Vattenfall produces electricity and heat from six energy sources, giving the company a flexible and well-diversified business. With three main products – electricity, heat and gas – the company has three main markets: the Nordic countries, Germany and the Netherlands.

White Papers

Change & Transformation

Create Broad Business Transformation Successfully

When employees don't understand the “why” behind the change and what's in it for them, they will not dedicate themselves to the new go-forward plan.

Successfully Manage Change to Achieve Better Results

Planning for change and viewing it as a process will deliver those first steps of success and be a critical ingredient to ensure sustained execution.

Deploying Your Strategy: a Three-Phase Approach to Making Sure it Doesn’t Get Stuck

If you thought creating a new strategy for your business was tough, that’s probably the bad news – because you’ve only just begun.

What’s Missing in your Strategy Execution Recipe?

Download the white paper to learn how these three key ingredients lead to a strategy that takes off – rather than a strategy that fails.

Culture Change During a Merger or Acquisition

Download the white paper and ensure success by learning how to meld leadership teams more effectively, gain clarity and alignment on the future state strategy and culture, and create a clear and compelling line of sight for the business.

Three Foolproof Ways to Sustain Lasting Change

Sustaining strategic change requires more than a company-wide email with a slide deck and a webinar. It requires an ongoing conversation and a system that turns action into outcomes across your business.

Culture & Behaviors

Areas of Opportunity: Replicate Successful Processes

Help people see the breakdowns - Only 32% of employees feel they know what processes are not working well in other departments. How often do you feel like your workday is spent “putting out fires” or being “behind the eight-ball”? Clichés to be sure, but perhaps

Culture Change: Making it Safe for your People to Take Risks

Culture Change: Making it Safe for your People to Take Risks to learn how to create and support an environment that is safe for risk taking.

Mission Control: We Need Clearer, Stronger Communication Between Leaders and the Organization

Increase Understanding - 40% believe their managers understand the company’s goals and strategies, but 40% say they personally don’t get the company’s vision or have never seen it. Make the Mission Meaningful - 29% of those surveyed agree their managers have the ability to make the

Successful Strategy Execution Is All about Behaviors

New strategies usually require people to make a change. Learn the three key areas of focus that constantly turbocharge the organizational change process.

Breaking Down Silos: Three Ways to Work Better Together

Think about implementing any new strategy or initiative in your company. Most likely, in order for it to succeed, it's going to require help from people across departments, functions, and lines of business.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience: You Can Do Better

Your success as an organization rests solely on the shoulders of your people and the experience they are providing to your customers.

Three Things Organizations Must Do to Build a Customer-First Culture

Every interaction with a customer or prospective customer is an opportunity to succeed in creating a brand fan or loyal advocate – or their antithesis.

Employee Engagement

Be Aware, Show You Care: Help Your People Believe in Their Leaders

Business analysts tell us that only about half of the people in the American workforce really trust their leaders. Obviously, this is not a good statistic, and it certainly raises a lot of questions, such as “Does that make a difference?” From my viewpoint, absolutely!

Building a Culture of Truth Telling for Better Employee Engagement

Dilbert shows the hapless victims of reengineering, right-sizing, and Total Quality Management and suggests ideas for fighting back or, at least, coping.

Create Fearless Engagement

Realism and truth telling are at the heart of authentic engagement and change. Though it's rare we see organizations where people tell each other the truth.

“E” is for Engagement: Transforming Your Business by Transforming Your People

The purpose of change management is not to create a plan. It is to engage people in your business so they can think and act differently about it.

Engaging People to Deliver Results

It doesn’t matter what the brightest few know – it only matters how engaged all employees are to act and deliver.

Making eLearning Engaging

The challenge today with eLearning is not just to train people electronically, but to create more engaging e-tools so people want to use them.

Strategic Implementation of Enterprise Engagement

All agree that engagement goes beyond mere satisfaction and that it involves a level of commitment from employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

The Missing Link: Improving Employee Passions

When the people who work for you are not engaged, you’re not getting the best they have to offer, and you’re potentially sacrificing the business outcomes.

The ROI of Onboarding: Five Steps to Engaging and Keeping New Hires

With organizations focused on rebounding from tough economic times, leaders need to be proactive in addressing bringing on new employees.

The Transformation Trifecta: Three Behaviors Leaders Must Demonstrate to Orchestrate Change

The biggest obstacle to organizational transformation is winning over the hearts and minds of your people. We’re not just talking customers – we’re talking about every single person in your business. This is the make-or-break challenge.

Employee Performance

Creating a Company of “Owners”

Imagine how your company would perform if every single person at every level really understood why your company needs to change and how they contribute.

Onboarding is Not Orientation: Best Practices for Better Employee Retention

Companies that eliminate long learning curves by getting new people up to speed and adding value sooner will attract and retain top talent

An Engaged Culture: From cynicism to truth telling

Few people are more famous for depicting cynicism in the workplace than Scott Adams, creator of the cartoon character Dilbert. Adams shows us the misadventures of the hapless victims of reengineering, right-sizing, and Total Quality Management and suggests some ideas for fighting back or, at

New Hire Onboarding: An Overlooked Element in Sustaining Successful Strategy Execution

Onboarding — The Crucial Tool for New Employees In recent years, the onboarding process has gained a heightened sense of focus. This comes as a result of the simple, stark reality that people are an incredibly important asset. Onboarding is also rising in significance as the


Adaptability and Agility: Three Ways to Make it Happen

Organizations that rise to the top are the ones that encourage the entrepreneurial mindset of being fiercely nimble, laser focused, and comfortable taking on uncharted territory.

Leadership Development

A High-Performance Decision-Making Approach

Given the number of decisions that leaders must make every day, you would expect that through repetition and practice they would take their decision-making capability to continually higher levels of proficiency.

Agents of Change: Strong Leadership and Clear Communication is Pivotal During Times of Change

Keep employees in the know – 30% of employees are concerned and think their managers would tell them everything they need to know during times of change. Thwart skepticism – Almost half (49%) of employees feel most of their colleagues would either be worried, nervous, or

Banish Old Guard and New Guard Perspectives

You need to blend the “then” with the “now”, the “them” and the “us”. The old and new guards must jointly commit to standards they want to live up to.

Develop Great Leaders in Seven Steps

Learn how to develop leadership abilities, behaviors, and attitudes in a way that is relevant for them personally and the overall goals of the business.

How-To Paper: Setting Priorities

For any plan, initiative, or strategy to be successful, every leadership team must have a set of clear priorities to guide the actions of the business.

Six Approaches for Strategy Success and Results

Driving strategy execution is tough. It relies on effective operations, clear strategies, and engaged employees. And that's only the tip of the iceberg

Starting from the Top: The Root of the Problem Could be Frustrating Leadership Styles and Culture

Bolster Confidence in Execs – Only 54% of people surveyed think company leaders have the organization’s best interests in mind. Only 63% think their leaders are intelligent, but almost 70% do believe leaders are honest. Practice Authenticity – Just over half of employees think leaders are

The Art of Co-thinking: 4 Steps to Making Great Decisions

Decision making within an organization can be hard. Emotion and opinion are at play, which can cloud facts and impede forward motion to the end result.

A Letter From The Trenches… If I Were You, How Would I Engage Me?

This white paper enables you to see what employees really want to say about leadership, change, and how to make them feel they are a part of the big picture.

Executives Need Training Wheels, Too

Leaders managing or supporting a merger or acquisition will find that culture has an impact on its success from both a morale and a dollars perspective.

Lead with Your Heart (And Other Things Learned Flying Coach)

It’s been scientifically proven: Power reduces empathy, authenticity, and vulnerability. But when you level the playing field – when you put people shoulder to shoulder – it leads to more meaningful and valuable conversations

What Business Can Learn from Sports

Download the white paper What Business Can Learn from Sports (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do With Sports) for some quick tips that will help you get aligned and working like a team.

Learning & Training

Compliance Training: Check the Box or Buckle Up?

The following is based on actual events. Names and locations have been omitted to protect the parties involved… A nurse sits at her computer to renew her certification. As she “takes her test,” the answer sheet lies next to her on the desk. When she hits

Employees Need Relevant On-The-Job Training

Opportunities for More (and Relevant) Training – 26% of employees report they don’t have any training available to them currently. More than half of employees (62%) who do have training available to them believe that it is either somewhat or not applicable to their job. Training

Skill Building — the Key to Sustaining Your Strategy

With employees at the heart and on the front lines of every business, you cannot underestimate the importance of building their skills.

Manager Development

Build an Organization of Magnetic Managers

Unleashing the potential of your managers means equipping them with the right skills, including asking the right questions of their team.

Building Cross-Functional Teams in Four Simple Steps

Building Cross-Functional Teams in Four Simple Steps explains what you must do to create successful teams using skill sets across the organization.

How Does a Manager Matter to a Cup of Coffee?

When front-line managers focus on the human experience and put their people front and center, they can be game-changers. Are you investing in yours?

Team Efforts: Working Together

Know Where Employees Feel Accountable – Among the 84% of people who feel accountable at work, they feel most accountable for the success (69%) and happiness (46%) of their departments. Almost half (43%) feel accountable for company revenue, and 36% feel accountable for the success

Front-line Managers – Your Weak Link?

Research shows that managers are the most important drivers of employee engagement, and that engaged employees create loyal customers who bring in more business. Surprisingly, however, human resource leaders report that front-line managers are “the ‘least ready’ workgroup in the company, even less capable than their

Think You Know Your Managers? Think Again.

Download the white paper for tips on helping new managers tackle their role and responsibilities to deliver results through their people.

What Your Managers Are Missing: The Surprising Truth That’s Holding You Back

Download this paper for tips on how you can help your managers better comprehend your company strategy, recognize the internal and external forces and trends impacting the business, understand customer needs and requirements, be a role model for culture, behaviors, and values.

Three Ways Great Managers Inspire Their Teams

Learn proven and effective techniques that great managers use to inspire their teams every day by downloading the white paper.

Trying to Change Your Culture? Activate Your Secret Weapon

Managers are your single best link to your people. That also makes them your single best secret weapon for igniting change in your company’s culture.

Storytelling & Visualization

Get a Seat at the Strategy Table

This paper includes seven questions to ask yourself to determine if you’re in a good position to help shape the strategy of the company.

Humor as a Strategic Tool in a Frightening Economy

How can you increase employee trust and engagement when employees’ emotions are quickly deteriorating from sanity to fear and even terror? How does any leader or manager make an authentic connection with a “hostile crowd” when this hostility is driven by a sense of insecurity


Bright Spots from Root Solution Sheet

Shine a light on your top performers by uncovering the small differences that make them exceptional. Then use those Bright Spots as beacons for the rest of the organization.

Cinematic Storytelling Solution Sheet

Root believes emotional connections are critical to strategy execution. Video is the logical supporting solution for connecting your people’s hearts to your new strategy or initiative rollout to help sustain the strategy over time.

Creative and Visual Methodologies Solution Sheet

We pioneered visual and creative methods that combine various learning styles to ensure we address the needs of everyone on your team. Our creative and visual engagement tactics are effective, memorable, relevant, and actionable – an ideal combination to enhance the learning process and produce results.

Curriculum and Training Programs Solution Sheet

Root makes training purposeful and effective using the mediums and formats that work best for your type of organization.

Digital Interactive Solutions Solution Sheet

Root delivers blended learning solutions in flexible formats supporting analysis and planning of strategies and initiatives and rollout of those strategies.

Fact Sheet

This quick fact sheet offers an at-a-glance view into the methods and solutions employed to drive transformation quickly.

Manager Development Solution Sheet

Root Compass® focuses both on the skills that managers need to successfully coach teams and the understanding of how to connect their roles to strategy.

Research: America’s Workforce

It may be harder than companies think to retain many of their employees, even during a time when people try to make the best out of their current positions.

Root’s Proven Strategic Change Process

Root’s Strategy Execution Framework comprises the core capabilities we provide to our clients and the different solutions we can offer to help them achieve strategic outcomes.

Strategic Learning Map® Solution Sheet

Countless clients sing the praises of Root’s Strategic Learning Map® Module experience, saying the value gained extends far beyond the process itself.

Strategy Creation and Alignment Solution Sheet

Strategy without execution is meaningless and execution without engagement is impossible.

Strategy Execution Framework Graphic

Explore the 6 Challenges Root solves for, our main differentiators, and get a quick look at our solutions.

The Root Difference

Sixty to 90% of most companies’ strategies are not executed or don’t deliver the intended results, 70% of employees are not actively engaged, and 53% of executives lack confidence in their company’s strategy. This is not a recipe for success. Root’s strategy execution know-how, creative and visual methods, and people-driven insights can keep your company strategy from becoming a statistical dud. This unique combination of capabilities applied as part of a strategic change process enables

Three Keys to Strategy Execution Success

Organizations and leaders spend countless hours and days, sometimes even years, crafting strategies to win in the market. Sometimes these strategies get executed with astounding results. More often than not, they languish in slide presentations and company memos, never to see the light of day in terms of execution and business outcomes.

Watercooler Culture Assessment Solution Sheet

Root’s Watercooler® Culture Assessment sessions, your leadership team and organization get focused on healthy working relationships and open communication.


“E” is for Engagement – an Animated White Paper

Engage your employees and they will see that they are part of something big; they will join you on a meaningful journey and adapt to

Building Customers for Life

Not everyone in the business knows how to create a customer experience that delivers on the brand promise, which can be detrimental to customer service

Critical Manager Skills: Influencing Up

One of the challenges that managers have regularly is trying to get buy-in on new thinking or new projects from their leadership team.

Critical Manager Skills: Learning to Coach Effectively

Managers — particularly front-line managers — are somewhat overlooked when it comes to organizations giving them the tools to be better managers — that includes

Developing Managers for Successful Strategy Execution

Typically star individual contributors are rewarded for doing a great job by being promoted into manager positions. However, most new managers don’t get any formal

Hampton – Managers talk about Root Compass Program

At Root, we know front-line managers are critical to an outstanding customer experience. Compass, our manager development program, turns acceptable manager performance into accelerated manager performance. Hear

Hospice of Northwest Ohio Trailer | Root Inc.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio partnered with Root to develop several methods that will help doctor's recognize the importance of having End of Life conversations with

How a Strategic Learning Map® Module Works

This video demonstrates how a Strategic Learning Map® Module can help engage employees with the challenges your company faces and create a better understanding of

How to Build a Customer First Culture

This animated white paper outlines three key areas that organizations like yours must tackle to build a customer culture that truly differentiates your business.  It

Insights – Reframing the Challenge for Better Outcomes

When leaders are trying to figure out how they need to fix an issue or a challenge in their organization, they may not be looking

Leaders Need to Know how to Lead

People tend to interchangeably use the terms lead and manage, but they actually mean very different things. Leading vs. managing requires diverse competencies and skills. Rich Berens, president of Root, discusses

Leadership vs. Followership – What’s your Focus?

In very simple terms, employees are not buying what leaders are selling in unprecendented and profound numbers. Maybe the mistake is that we are all

Motivating People in Difficult Times

Jim Haudan, CEO at Root, talks about what leaders can do to motivate their people during difficult times. This means letting go of the typical

Our New Brand Identity

Root has evolved in the last 20 years and now our brand identity supports Root's capabilities and solutions. We're personal, creative, and we make

PepsiCo Works with Root to Create Employee Engagement

PepsiCo shares its journey working with Root to get the every employee in the organization engaged around its strategy to become a total beverage company.

Petco on Employee Engagement with Root

Charlie Piscitello, shares his insights on Petco’s journey to truly engage employees around the company’s strategy through their work with Root. “When you’re not

Putting Your People at the Center of the Healthcare Reform Transformation

The healthcare reform legislation is challenging for organizations that need to implement changes and transform their businesses. Helping every employee in the organization understand the

Root Compass: Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Hear what our clients have to say about the Compass Manager Development Program by Root Learning. You don’t have to take our word

Root Compass: Testimonial from PETCO – Manager Feedback

Petco recently rolled out the Root Compass Manager Development Program to it’s store managers. This video explores the experience they had with Root Compass

Root Compass® Manager Development Program – Petco’s Corporate Perspective

Hear executives at PETCO explain their approach to manager development and the value of Root’s Compass Manager Development Program.

Root Improves Engagement at Santa’s Workshop

Root’s cinematic storytelling team wanted to give you a quick view into how Root helped improve productivity and engagement at Santa’s workshop with some

Roots of Engagement

We can find “engagement” in all aspects of life, and it can easily be categorized into four areas. Like a child on a soccer team

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s Strategic Vision Takes Flight

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority chose Root to develop a comprehensive program to help the organization get clear and aligned on its strategy, launch and

Strategy Execution through People

Root is a strategy execution company that helps organizations engage their people as the catalyst and driver for change. Root does this by connecting people

The Art of Co-thinking

Decision making by democratic vote isn't required or even close to the best way to make the right choice in organizations. When committed, creative, engaged

The Art of Engagement: Inspiring People, Creating Change and Making A Difference

Rich spoke at the Department of Defense's 2012 DoDIIS about exploring how organizations can better inspire people and create change to make a difference.Rich Berens,

The Root Compass® Manager Development Program Experience

Root Compass® has benefited numerous organizations in helping provide the skills and knowledge needed to create strong front-line managers. An experiential leadership development program, this

The Un-Bossy Boss and your Brand

Individual contributors are responsible for bringing their best selves to work, while managers are responsible for bringing out the best in others. Two very different

Three Things Leaders Must Do

For organizations to be successful, there are three things that every leader at every organization needs to do consistently: own the whole, create a shared

Treating your Strategy Implementation like a Consumer Product Launch

Rolling out an organizational strategy or initiative requires many of the same considerations as a consumer product launch. If leaders think like marketers and treat

What Are the Canyons in Your Organization?

“Help! There’s a huge gap between leaders and people in the trenches.” When your people and your strategies aren’t connected, a gap forms. We call it “The Canyon”

What We Believe

People. Every business begins and ends with people. Human Beings Work Here. We believe exceptional leaders invest in their people. We know Strategy Execution

Who We Are

Root is in the people business. We believe exceptional leaders invest in their people. We know strategy execution through people is the only

Why does authenticity matter? | Jim Haudan | TEDx TampaBay

As power goes to the head, it may shut down the heart, separating us from the connections that allow us to be human. Jim Haudan


10-Minute Tips — Building Trust in Your Organization

Jim Haudan, CEO at Root, discusses how leaders and organizations can build trust to improve company culture, increase productivity and create better employee engagement.

10-Minute Tips — Culture Change in your Organization

Culture change can happen top down or bottom up. Either way, it's essential that the culture of the organization matches the outcomes that the[...]

6 High-Performing Approaches that Deliver and Accelerate Results

Root has uncovered the inhibitors and accelerators to strategy adoption and success. In this webinar, Jim Haudan, CEO of Root and Bridget Stallkamp, Managing Director at Root[...]

Bridging The Canyon Webinar with Jim Haudan

During this webinar, Jim Haudan, Root Inc. CEO and author of the Art of Engagement, discusses how[...]

Creating Followship for More Engaged Employees

Multiple survey’s say: Employees are not buying what leaders are selling! One reason this is happening is that leaders are too focused on leadership, when[...]

How Employee Engagement Impacts the Customer Experience

Employee engagement is one of four customer experience core competencies. It’s also the one that companies tend to struggle with the most. During this webinar,[...]

Strategy Creation Best Practices Webinar

Learn how the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA) successfully tackled strategic engagement across their organization and with key outside stakeholders to better deliver on their vision[...]

The Power of Engaging People Through Visualization

Change happens. Strategies evolve. Market conditions shift. Your people need to know what's next. Most importantly, they need to be engaged around the same strategy.[...]


Seven Steps that Lead to More Effective Leaders

Your company is only going to execute as fast or slow as your leaders’ ability to adapt to change and engage their teams

Switch & Shift
January 26, 2015

Your Employees are Afraid to Talk and it’s Hurting your Business

For most individuals, teams, and organizations, safe havens to have the real conversations that matter are behind closed doors.

January 20, 2015

Don’t Let your Strategy Fizzle and Fail

Three foolproof ways to create sustained and lasting change in an organization.  

HR Strategy and Planning Excellence Essentials presented by
December 31, 2014

Switch & Shift’s Top 10 Guest Posts of 2014

Looking at the list, you’ll see themes of service, people-centered change, and evolving culture.

Switch & Shift
December 30, 2014

The Workforce of the Future

Exploring the space, skills, and goals that will define the next phase of employee engagement.

1 to 1 Media
December 22, 2014

The Four Things you Aren’t Doing to Engage your People

Employee engagement isn’t earned by pleasing people with extra vacation days, it’s about helping employees connect their work to the organization’s goals.

December 17, 2014

Horrible Bosses: Great for Hollywood, Bad for Your Business

Corporate America is riddled with horrible bosses, but horrible bosses – and the mediocre ones, too – can become great leaders.  

December 9, 2014

Listening Makes All The Difference In Strategy Execution

A mistake that leaders make is they typically are “listening to respond”versus “listening to understand”. The

December 3, 2014

Why Are You Failing at Strategy Execution?

Leaders consistently overlook the importance of employee engagement in successfully executing on strategies. Excellence Essentials
December 3, 2014

Deconstructing Employee Engagement

Seven steps to follow so your people want to support any new initiative or change your business has on its radar.

Recognition and Engagement essentials by
December 1, 2014

How Great Leaders Make A Fuss About What Works

Leaders: What would happen if you stopped looking for the things that aren’t working and started looking for the things going well? 

SAP Blogs
November 26, 2014

The Secret to Being a Better Boss

Explore the elements to being a better boss that unlocks the potential in people.

Switch & Shift
November 23, 2014

5 for Leadership

Posts on servant leadership, leadership trust, distracted leaders, a leadership metaphor, and leaders as dreamers.

The Leadership Crossing
November 15, 2014

Trust as the Differentiator

Focusing on trust can offer leaders tremendous opportunities to differentiate their organizations – both with employees and with customers.

Switch & Shift
November 6, 2014

Gain engagement and buy-in through a strategy launch

A lot can be gleaned by how we launch products and services effectively and applying it to how we launch and implement our

November 2, 2014

6 Ways To Deliver A Better Customer Experience

Most organizations aren’t aligned on the importance of creating and integrating a customer experience strategy throughout the organization.

October 30, 2014

Five Things Great Leaders Do Right

Five qualities are exhibited by successful leaders that help them be more authentic and create greater confidence and followership.

Switch & Shift
October 29, 2014

Invasion of Fears: How to Create an Environment that Fosters Truth Telling

Realism and truth telling are at the heart of authentic engagement, but many organizations lack this realism.

October 28, 2014

4 ways to create a long-lasting culture of motivated employees

How do you take an entire workforce and empower everyone at once? HR experts are trying a lot of strategies but aren’t working.

Ceridian Blog
October 27, 2014

The Three Bandits of Change Leadership

Three change bandits - "the Other Guy", "Adversity", and "Discomfort" - can be viewed as keeping even the best-intentioned leaders from being successful.

Successful Start-up 101
October 17, 2014

Will the Rightful Customer Experience Owner Please Stand Up?

Most are still perplexed as to who within the enterprise should own responsibility for the customer experience.

1 to 1 Media
October 13, 2014

Strategy Execution – Why You Fail

Fewer than 10% of strategies are executed successfully. Why do so many leaders spend time, money and energy to create a new strategy they can't launch?

Recognition and Engagement Essentials by
October 13, 2014

Lead With Your Heart. And Other Things Learned on Your Last Flight in Coach

Scientists now know a simple but powerful truth: when authority and power go to your head, it turns off your heart. 

October 13, 2014

The Transformation Trifecta: Three Behaviors Leaders Must Demonstrate in Order to Orchestrate Change

The biggest obstacle to organizational transformation is winning over the hearts and minds of your people.

October 2, 2014

3 Ways to Speed Up Success by Focusing on Top Performers

What would happen if leaders stopped looking for the things that aren’t working and started looking for the things going well.

September 29, 2014

Motivating People: It Takes the Four Roots of Engagement

Haven’t we talked about employee engagement enough? Nope! Despite the amount of investment in engagement, things aren’t improving much.

TLNT Magazine
September 29, 2014

The Four Roots of Engagement

To drive a culture of engagement in your organization, you just need to follow four steps.

September 28, 2014

Why The Best Leaders View Vulnerability as a Strength

When someone is willing to admit they’re vulnerable, it demonstrates a level of trust and respect with the person or people they’re opening

Switch & Shift
September 28, 2014

Do You Have the Constitution to Avoid the Three Biggest Mistakes in Customer Experience?

CX leaders outpace laggards by a significant margin. Leaders understand retention and loyalty are key to success, yet most make three big mistakes

September 28, 2014

Gary Magenta, Author of The Un-Bossy Boss: 12 Powerful Questions to Make You a Great Manager

Gary Magenta discusses his passion for helping develop great managers and provides tips that organizations and individuals can use to evolve their manager and coaching
September 24, 2014

Money for Lunch Interview with Gary Magenta

Gary Magenta discusses strategy execution through people and explains best practices for organizational leaders to bring their strategies to life successfully.

Business Talk Radio
September 23, 2014

How to be a Great Manager

Excerpt from Chapter 2 of “The Un-Bossy Boss: 12 Powerful Questions to Make You a Great Manager” by Gary Magenta. To be a Great

Training Magazine
August 25, 2014

Great Managers “ASK” Powerful Questions

Sadly, business has bred managers who “yell and tell,” unable to connect to people as individuals.  This results in managers who under-deliver to

Delivering Happiness Blog
August 11, 2014

What’s Missing in your Strategy Execution Recipe? Why Metaphors, Visualization and Discussion are Key Ingredients to Success

Sending out a memo won't work. You need visuals and metaphors that provide an explanation of the the “why” of the strategy. Business2Community
July 27, 2014

Are You a GREAT Manager?

When I ask leaders about their managers’ ability to engage and coach their teams, I often hear: “They’re managers. They should already know

Delivering Happiness Blog
July 8, 2014

A Supported Employee is an Engaged Employee

It is common knowledge that today’s workforce struggles with engagement, but the latest Root Inc. survey digs deeper into the issue.

Quality of Life Observer
July 7, 2014

How Hampton Hotels Built And Sustains Its Customer-Obsessed Culture

The brand has been on a nearly 10-year journey to differentiate its hotels from competitors on the basis of exceptional guest experiences.

Forrester Research
July 7, 2014

The Innovative Tool That’s Transforming Customer Experience Training

Learning maps are fast becoming the centerpiece of small-group interactive training sessions at many companies for transforming customer experiences.

Forrester Research
July 7, 2014

Root Inc. Included in Customer Experience Training Report From Independent Research Firm

The report focuses on the increasing popularity of Learning Maps as a "training tool for companies that want to transform their cultures and become customer-obsessed."

June 27, 2014

The Innovative Tool That’s Transforming Customer Experience Training

Transforming a culture can be a challenge: It requires all employees to understand who their customers are, how customers perceive their interactions with

1 to 1 Media
June 27, 2014

Hampton Hotels Turn Culture Inside-Out

The Hampton brand has knocked down its walls to unleash its culture – both internally and externally.

Engagement Strategies Magazine
June 9, 2014

Solid Management Is Built On A Foundation Of Consistency

There’s a famous old saying from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” I always liked that phrase, but now I

June 6, 2014

Building a Culture of Truth Telling for Better Employee Engagement

Building a culture of truth telling means creating a work environment where employees know it’s not just OK but actually preferable to tell

June 2, 2014

Bringing Employee Engagement into the 21st Century

Despite the recognition that employee engagement correlates to business success, several programs are in need of a complete revamp in order to be effective and

1to1 Media
May 26, 2014

6 Indicators of a Great Manager

A key problem with managers in today’s businesses is they are not properly trained to lead people.

Switch & Shift
May 21, 2014

6 Things Managers Could Stand To Learn From Coaches

Asking meaningful questions, following your intuition, checking for clarity--check out these tips on being a great manager.

Fast Company
May 15, 2014

6 Clear Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Engaged

Management always wants their employees to be highly engaged and productive, and often seems surprised when they’re not. Why aren’t they getting it?

May 13, 2014

Here’s Exactly What You Need to Do to Get a Raise

A new survey finds that what makes us satisfied at work isn’t what’s in our hearts; it’s what’s in our wallets. According to the Society

May 12, 2014

Performance Anxiety – Your People are Insecure. What are You Going to Do About It?

It's hard to do your best work, to be truly engaged, when you're feeling insecure.  And your people do feel insecure.

The Conference Board Review
May 1, 2014

Meeting Users Where They Are

As more companies embrace flexible, geographically dispersed work environments, the idea that learning only happens at the office or in a classroom is far past

Training magazine
April 25, 2014

Three Imperatives for Creating a Customer-First Culture

The first step in creating a winning customer experience is to create a customer-first culture. Here are three action items for getting started.

1to1 Media
April 18, 2014

8 Books Every IT Leader Should Read This Year

Not every leadership book has to wax philosophically about principles and concepts. The Un-Bossy Boss is more of a practical how-to that uses personal examples.

April 8, 2014

Unleash the Potential of Your People With One Word

If you ask people to describe how they feel on a daily basis, it is amazing how many times the word that comes up is

Switch & Shift
April 1, 2014

Customer Experience: You Can Do Better

You probably have a customer experience strategy. You may even have some nice slick-looking slide presentations about that strategy. You’re making every effort to segment

Business 2 Community
March 26, 2014

The Art of Engagement: A Review

I reviewed Jim Haudan’s The Art of Engagement: Bridging the Gap Between People and Possibilities because it was full of timely insights.

Healthcare Collaboration
March 25, 2014

The Healthcare Experience Revolution

Video, social media, and interactive platforms are just some of the technologies revolutionizing healthcare and helping improve the patient experience. In the second of this

1to1 Media
March 24, 2014

Technology’s Transformational Impact on the Healthcare Experience

From state-of-the-art medical devices to social media interactions, technology is revolutionizing patients’ lives, making what was previously impossible an everyday reality.

1to1 Media
March 17, 2014

‘Powerful Questions’ Are Key To Being A Better Manager

Whether you're a great manager or a lousy one, there’s always room for improvement. One easy way to become a much better leader: ask “powerful

Business Insider
March 5, 2014

The Secret to Becoming a Better Manager

Learning how to unleash the potential of individual employees and teams is what separates the middle-of-the pack managers from the great ones.

Entrepreneur Magazine
March 3, 2014

Root Inc. Launches New Manager Development Program

Root Inc., today announced the availability of Root Compass® 2.0, the latest version of its manager development program.
February 28, 2014

Managers: Your Key To Bridging the Gap

One of the most damaging gaps in an organization is between managers and teams. A sign of this problem occurs when we hear the terms

Business 2 Community
February 26, 2014

The 5 Factors that Ruin Employee Engagement

Experts outline the five main drivers of employee disengagement that business leaders need to steer clear of at all costs.

1to1 Media
February 17, 2014

The Importance of Finding (And Facing) Your Weaknesses

Understanding exactly where you need more work can help you get ahead. Here's how to get a greater measure of self-awareness when it comes to

Fast Company
February 10, 2014

What’s Your Department Working on This Year? How It Stacks Up

The main goal of businesses as a whole is to boost the bottom line in 2014, each department's focused on different priorities to try to

Business News Daily
February 9, 2014

Author Interview: Gary Magenta On ‘The Un-Bossy Boss: 12 Powerful Questions to Make You a Great Manager’

This new book by Gary Magenta offers 12 Powerful Questions to help turn traditional manager/employee relationships into something greater and more powerful. By following Gary’s recommendations, you

Kevin Kauzlaric Blog
January 23, 2014

Root Launches Customers for Life Solution

Root, a strategy execution consulting company, today launched its customer experience solution, Customers for Life.

Destination CRM
October 30, 2013

Root Inc. wins Blade spelling bee

Root Inc.’s spelling skills proved “salubrious” in helping its team win The Blade’s 26th Annual Corporate and Community Spelling Bee in downtown Toledo.

The Blade
October 18, 2013

Is Your Workplace In Sync With Its Own Future?

We're in the midst of massive transformations in the workplace, and it can be difficult to assess whether the your company is ready for the

The Huffington Post
October 10, 2013

Hilton Garden Inn® Honored with Two Telly Awards

Hilton Worldwide announced that it has been named a Bronze award winner in the 34th annual Telly Awards for its internal team member engagement videos.

Hilton Garden Inn
September 16, 2013

Embracing the Wind of Change

Change is daunting. It is, many times, easier to stick to the status quo rather than make an effort to bring about a change, irrespective

1to1 Media
September 4, 2013

It’s Time To Bring Design Thinking Down From On High

Consider what part of your business lends itself to experimentation. Then ask yourself how ready, willing, and able you are to tear down traditional corporate

August 15, 2013

Through it all, Toledo keeps sports passion

Listen to any championship team or player talk, and you’re bound to hear tales of adversity. Overcoming obstacles, rebounding from difficult circumstances, responding to challenging

Sports Business Journal Daily
August 12, 2013

Be a Manager that Matters: ASK 12 Powerful Questions to Unleash Your Employees Potential

One of the most direct routes to being a great manager is to learn how to unleash the potential of your individual employees. This requires

Yahoo! Small Business Advisor
August 12, 2013

Engaging People for Winning Strategies

Organisations should engage their workforce in strategic thinking and execution to help ensure success for their strategies.

Best Practice Management
August 12, 2013

Pitching your BIG idea

Without forming a focus group, conducting a marketing survey or even ditching his day job, he dreamed up the idea for the animated 3-D comedy,

Phoenix Focus
August 1, 2013

6 Cool Office Designs That Make Working Fun

As hard-working Americans, we spend a significant portion of our lives within the walls of our workplace, and it looks like companies are starting to

Business Bee
July 22, 2013

Blog Posts

Learn Something New Every Day

All of us can learn from one another if we take the time to open up and listen. Even community leaders, politicians, and CEOs have

The Fear Invasion

Realism and truth telling are at the heart of authentic engagement. However, many organizations lack this realism. By not embracing honesty and truth, we are

Healthcare Reform Act – The State of Readiness in your Organization

If you are in healthcare, I realize I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. So let’s focus on the important stuff – your

What Would Your Successor Do?

Asking themselves this question gave Intel’s President, Andy Grove, and its Chairman and CEO, Gordon Moore, the clarity to make a critical, business-changing decision to

Cultivating Strategy Through Employees

An internal DuPont Pioneer study revealed that 95% of employees agreed or strongly agreed that the Learning Map sessions increased their understanding of the company

The Secrets of Leading Workplaces

Strategy execution is really hard. It’s difficult to focus on everything that needs to be done to keep the business running smoothly meeting key objectives,

Just Trust Me

Trust in the work environment seems like it would be a no-brainer. But somehow, building trust is one of the biggest challenges faced by

You want great managers? Focus on the fundamentals.

The message here to managers and those responsible for training or developing great managers is that mastery and consistent application of the basics is the

Hey HR Execs: Do You Know What Your Employees Are Thinking?

Kenexa’s research shows the HR function has become too distanced from the employee population, leading to a misunderstanding of where the employee mindset truly is.

It’s 2013… the Year of the Person!

As in all powerful customer relationships, we hope to help you see the challenge and opportunity of strategy execution through people… from their view

Is That a Smartphone in Your Pocket…?

By now, we as leaders should know that technology and learning are tied so closely together that we must acknowledge it in the way we

What Can Legos and a Canadian Power Trio Teach Us About the Importance of Purpose? – Part 2

Purpose and meaning are two powerful and motivating forces. As a leader, it is important never to underestimate how important these things are for your

What Can Legos and a Canadian Power Trio Teach Us About the Importance of Purpose? – Part 1

In his book The Upside of Irrationality, Dan Ariely uses a series of experiments to shed insight into human behavior and why our actions often

Imagery, Cartoons, and Visuals and the Story of Your Company

Comic books, cartoons, and visuals are all powerful tools for telling the story of your company whether it’s a new strategy, new ideas, or conveying

Embracing Paradox

By refining the acceptance of paradox as a breakthrough creative process, you can build ritual around the “and” versus the “or,” create repeatable practices for

What Is Employee Engagement Good For?

Employee engagement always seems to be a nice to have. It usually comes after things like sales targets and product development. The thing most leaders

How Would Eleven-Year-Olds Judge the Explanation of Your Strategy?

Be sure that your people have all the information when deploying a strategy. Without enough information, your strategy will be meaningless to them.

Making It Work at Work

Research surrounding high performers and their daily practices can shed light on effective habits and routines that should be encouraged throughout your entire organization.

The Times, They Are a-Changing

Despite the strides women have made in the workplace, there is still significant work to do. Corporations everywhere have digested the idea of a larger

Team Insight Is Just As Valuable As Consumer Insights

Strategy execution occurs through people. But the tendency of execution challenged cultures is to say it and just assume that it will be done.

Educating and Engaging Your Employees

Are you tapped into your employees? Are you confident they understand the driving force behind your company? If you can’t answer both of

Turning Unconventional Thinking into Smart Strategy: The Accordion Chart

The Accordion Chart is an innovative tool that provides a useful visual breakdown of everything you need to know to get your employees on the

6 Ways to Build a High-Performing Organization

A group at Root recently completed an analysis of proven approaches that lead to high-performing individuals and, ultimately, a high-performing organization. Learn how you can

Not Succumbing to the “Other Guy” Syndrome

The OTHER GUY Syndrome causes us to give away the control of our future to others. However, when we keep the control within ourselves, we

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Staffing can be tough. It takes a lot of effort and investment on the part of an organization to find the right person for the

Get Your Strategy Off the Ground! Lessons in Senior Leader Alignment

If your leaders aren’t clear and aligned, then it’s nearly impossible for the rest of the people in the business to do their jobs successfully

Is Your Technology Working for Your Team?

Is your technology working for your team as much as your team is working for you? If you have any doubt that the lines between

Why Honesty is The Best Policy in Business

If people don’t think the leaders are being honest, they aren’t really going to trust them, and if they don’t trust them, decision making, communications,

Purpose: The Magical Multiplier

At the center of any change effort, large or small, sits the need to connect a vision to specific tactics and actions. We often hear

7 Habits of Highly Creative Organizations

Whether you know it or not, your organization is bustling with creative ideas, you just have to forgo some traditional mindsets and predictability to uncover

Changing Behaviors or Forming a New Habit Is Hard

Driving change is one of the hardest things that people or organizations need to do. Approaching it as you would to form a new

Creatively Connecting with Team Members to Drive Guest Loyalty

Hilton Garden Inn noticed their niche market was becoming populated by additional brands going after the same target customers. This wake-up call drove them to

The Art of Visualization

Rolling out a new business strategy without helping your employees truly understand it can be synonymous with trying to navigate a room with the lights

Visual Storytelling to Drive Engagement and Increase Understanding

Executives don’t know how to get their people on board and engaged in the process of implementing a new strategy. Largely this is because

It’s Time for the “Third” Documentary

The vast waste of human talent, organizational capabilities, and corporate assets is nothing short of a crisis for companies and a critical call for changing

Transforming Something Ordinary into Something Extraordinary

Root designed a parking spot for Toledo's PARK(ing) Day event! Learn more about the wonderfully creative space we created, as well as our internal process.

Connection is Everything

While it’s commonplace for companies to carefully craft strategies for launching and connecting their products and services to the external marketplace, the bigger question is

Group Mojo: Creating Magic

It’s amazing what a fear-free, open environment will do in terms of encouraging people to share ideas. If people know it’s not only safe, but

The Bold Side of Vulnerability in Creating Fearless Engagement – Part 2

Visualizing the truth can create the safe conversation field to minimize people’s fears and maximize the speed and authenticity of conversations, decisions, and strategic change

The Bold Side of Vulnerability in Creating Fearless Engagement – Part 1

Realism and truth telling are at the heart of authentic engagement and change. The challenge is that rarely have we seen organizations of any type,

The Olympic Opportunity for Managers

Much like an Olympic athlete must train to become best in the world. A manager must train to connect employees to the big picture and

I really like him! Let’s hire him!

All too often, we hire new people with great excitement and anticipation only to see our hopes for success fade away with a resignation, dismissal

Conversational Leadership: Thinking Together for a Change

You don’t normally think of a conversation needing leadership, right? But without leadership, a conversation usually ends up being unproductive – going off on

Building Blocks for a High-Performing Team

One of the biggest misconceptions about organizational change is that EVERYTHING has to change. The truth is, every organization has aspects that work and

Accessing Genuine Dialogue

Communication is at the core of any organization. It surrounds every aspect of company processes and culture and helps create solutions. Without effective

Structure Change Doesn’t Solve the World’s Problems – or Your Company’s for That Matter

Instead of trying to improve your organization by restructuring, leaders need to focus on creating clarity and alignment across the leadership team and the rest

90% of Life Is Just Showing Up

Many times, an organization's front line is not even meeting customer expectations on the brand promises made by the company. Are your people authentically delivering

Everyone Owns Employee Engagement – Not Just HR

If people are your organization’s most valuable assets, why is it only HR's job to ensure they are engaged in their work?

Building a High-Performance Operations Team

There are five capabilities of a highly cohesive and high-performance team, which is the nucleus of creating a culture of discipline and execution.

Bringing Mobility to Everyone in the Business

With the growth of mobility and the usefulness of the devices, it is time to enable our employees to use these tools for work. Sometimes

Visualization as a Powerful Business Tool? You Bet! Double or Nothing!

Visualization can help all of your employees see the big picture in your strategy. This enables them to engage with the areas that they effect

What Drives Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is challenging and like most things, getting started is the hardest part. Bruce Temkin helps guide you through the process so you can

I’ve never been a fan of Visions and Missions, but strategy without purpose is meaningless

Why do some organizations full of competent, smart, hard-working people sometimes fail? The headlines about failed organizations often discuss what happened but rarely get

Loyalty Programs without a Great Experience Drive Nothing

Each front line associate has the power to create loyal customers. Are you spending the time and resources to make sure they have the proper

Does Employee Engagement Really Matter?

What would a company be like if its employees were completely disengaged drones? Think of it. Yuck! You probably would not want to be a

Lots to Do When You’re a Manager – Make Your Life Easier

Learning to be a good coach is one of the biggest challenges – helping that next level of people find their own voices, their productivity,

What Do Student Debt and Strategy Execution Have in Common?

The ability to see the big picture and then act accordingly can help ensure success. While it may be too late for the student-debt bubble,

Decisions without Commitment – a Recipe for Strategic Failure

Decisive leadership is wonderful, but it is not enough. Even good decisions are irrelevant without commitment on the part of those leading the change.

Managing People and Results? Self-Care Should be Top Priority

NOLS’ guiding principles and 1,200+ hours of skill development helped me return as a more resourceful and a stronger judge of priorities. Yet, the greatest

Learning Is a Journey – A Metaphor for Teaching

Metaphors aren’t the answer for all training needs, but applying them can certainly be expanded to a wide range of training efforts.

Your People, an Overlooked Ingredient in Making Your Strategy Viable

If you’re cooking up a strategy, be sure to mix in employee insights.

Front-line Managers – Your Weak Link?

If your managers don't see their main job as "leading people," your company won't get where it wants to go.

Want a Tree House? Think Again!

Most organizations risk creating the metaphorical 'tree house' by failing to care and nourish the roots of their people. Focusing on nurturing rather than clean

Culture vs. Strategy

Having the right culture ensures a successful and enjoyable process as employees navigate through the strategy to fulfill your future vision.

Managers Can Make or Break Your Organization’s Strategy

If you're not investing in your managers you may be holding your organization back from making your strategies a success. Find out how to empower

Owning the Whole Before Your Piece – Part 2

Owning the whole creates a significant difference between organizations successfully executing on strategies and those struggling to realize the intended results.

Owning the Whole Before Your Piece – Part 1

Leaders are so focused on their piece of the puzzle, they miss the big picture. Harness talent into integrated and simplified priorities for their organization.

A Manager’s Greatest Plight – The Relentless Pursuit of More Time

Based on hundreds of conversations with managers, they all have one thing in common - they would give anything to have more time!

Plan a People Strategy like a Product Strategy

If leaders think like marketers and treat employees the same way they would customers, the implementation of a new strategy would go much different.

Designing Results

Design is more than just a fancy logo. Great design has the ability to deliver objectives and results in a way that drives change in

Leveraging Learning Cycles to Nurture Leadership

The cycle of briefing, executing, and debriefing is important to football teams, the military, and to your business. These learning cycles are key for employee

Managers Move Metrics

It’s hard to deny that managers play an important organizational role. But, proving it is a difficult task. This post discusses how Petco captured information

A Leader’s Role in Creating a Safe Haven

Few opportunities for building trust are as profound as a leader’s role in creating a “safe haven” for difficult conversations, decisions, and strategy execution.

Do Your Employees Love You?

We all know we can't buy love, but that doesn't stop companies from trying to buy employee engagement, loyalty, or company pride. Learn four ways

Lifecycle of a Change

Strategic change is a process that takes time and it must be planned out to deliver those first steps of success and ensure sustainment.

What Does It Mean to Be a Leader? Cutting to the Chase

Swimming through a sea of leadership advice that may not fit your situation? Here are three pieces of advice that you can apply to your

Giving Is Personal

People want to give to help create joy, to make a difference, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Your Managers Aren’t Aligned on Your Strategy

Your business may not be musical, but your orchestra needs a conductor who knows the score.

The Art of Engagement – Inspiring People, Creating Change, and Making a Difference

There are four key concepts that contribute to building employment engagement and improving productivity.

Influencing Up

Best practices in "managing up" to ensure better effectiveness in launching initiatives.

Lessons from Grandma

Applying the life sessions about giving and growing. Which lessons have stuck with you?

Why a Cartoon? You Might be Surprised by the Answer!

Cartoons aren't just for the Sunday funnies. Using them at the office opens minds to new ideas by suspending disbelief.

The Power of Visuals to Solve Story Problems

Solving for complex strategies require visuals to help businesses relay the strategy to employees, just as a 10 year old uses visuals to solve complex

Occupy Our Blog

Occupy the Root blog. Tell us how well your organization is doing with employee engagement.

The Value of Play

All work and no play will make you more than dull. If you haven’t played at work for a while, here’s what you’re missing.

Hey Trainers! Stop Shooting All of Us in the Foot! Part 2

It's time for us trainers to stop just following orders and become stewards of good business decision-making!

Hey Trainers! Stop Contradicting Yourselves! Part 1

Trainers - Do you want to sit at the Strategy table, then stop just taking orders.

When Rapid eLearning Isn’t Enough

With so many Rapid Development tools available, creating eLearning is easier than ever. But are there times when these tools just won’t cut it?

Working Together is Success – Taking on a Team Attitude

If you want people to “play” with others they need to understand the rules of the game! That means engaging individuals in how their efforts

The Tension on Investment?

A little tension can be good for an organization. Find out how to use it to help you make those hard choices.

The Fine Line Between Direction and Engagement – Part 2

The vision that leaders create is only as strong as the commitment they get from everybody else. Read a few ways to reach this

The Fine Line Between Direction and Engagement – Part 1

Whether your company’s vision is posted on a wall or embedded in your operations comes down to a question of balance. Here’s the question

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Corporate Training Programs

There is a fundamental flaw in the traditional mindset of “getting people to training” and a “learning process".

Roots of Engagement Issue Four – People want to Know their Contributions Make an Impact

Building a bike means a lot more when you know who’s going to ride it. See how this applies in business.

Why a Journey Needs a Map

Thinking in pictures? How storyboards can help you run your business.

Roots of Engagement Issue Three – People Want to Go on a Meaningful Journey

People want to go on a meaningful journey. There is more drama and adventure in companies than on a reality show, but it’s paved over

Innovation is like getting punched in the face sixty times.

Today’s riddle: How is innovation like a boxing match? Learn the connection here!

M&A Make or Break – Part 2 – Creating a Culture of Competence

Creating a culture just to have a culture after a merger and acquisition will not help you achieve success. These five questions will help create

M&A Make or Break – Do Your Employees Understand the Value it Will Create?

Creating a culture just to have a culture after a merger and acquisition will not help you achieve success. It's more critical to create a

Roots of Engagement Issue Two – People Want to Feel a Sense of Belonging

If you've ever been passed over when teams choose up sides, you know what if feels like not to belong. Read how that plays

Can “anyone” Really Train Effectively?

French rats, cooking, and training. Yes, they do have something in common!

Managers matter the most when it comes to engagement!

When allocating training dollars, don’t overlook your managers’ and supervisors’ needs. If they aren’t excellent people-leaders, what are the consequences for your employees?

Roots of Engagement Issue One – Being Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

The perennial advice to college grads is “find yourself.” Root CEO Jim Haudan (and others) suggest the real point is to “lose yourself.”

Missing a Critical Element of Employment Engagement?

Good strategies need good stories. Here’s why stories are important for getting people excited about executing strategy.

How Successful Strategies Win: Strategic Change as an Interdependent Process

Organizations that “win” have some unwavering principles that guide the way they lead the strategic change process.

Survivor: Patagonia

We learn how to lead in different ways -- including spending 80 days in Patagonia sea kayaking and mountaineering. Find out what one Rootster

Managers: A lesson from Facebook

What do Facebook and good managers have in common? More than quizzes and Farmville! The “human touch” makes a difference at work, virtually

The Learning Buffet

Is your company curriculum a well-planned meal or a little-bit-of-everything buffet? Here’s something to chew on about eLearning.

Are you creating customers for life…or customers for now?

Your customers are your loyal brand evangelists, but they can also be your strongest critics. How do you ensure that your customers' experience with

Six Ways to Lead Change, Build Teams, and Make It Personal

Do you want to lead change, build teams, and grow your company? Then you’ll need to know six actions that will increase your chances

Ditch the “Duhs” in Compliance Training

Think compliance training is boring? Think again! Here's how to create compliance training that's both effective and engaging!

What we can learn from the events in Egypt

The sense of shaping your own destiny and playing an active part in the unfolding of the story creates a tremendous sense of ownership and

Reflecting on the Past to Handle the Future in Learning and Performance

How many times do we construct training for a system or workflow that is poorly designed…and subsequently create some very painful training programs!

From 1776 to 2011: Good Strategies Never Go Out of Date

I’ve always admired George, and I’m continually impressed by the forward-thinking leadership tenets he demonstrated to first his troops and then to his new country.

The “Manager of the Future” – the Future is Now

What does “success” mean to your employees? The answer may surprise you!

There’s No Crying in Baseball

Do your employees know their impact on your business? Knowing their impact can turn an average employee into a great asset.

2011: Leading in the New Year

There is a saying, “Hope springs eternal”, are you optimistic about your company's future?

The Roots of Engagement in Russia

While the “Art of Engagement” is a business book, it explains how connecting and engaging people naturally occurs when tapping into the elements we all

If you build it, they will come

While you may think the fanciest tool with the most options is what everyone wants, if it isn't you just wasted a lot of time

Five Fundamental Truths of Corporate Strategy Execution

Strategy is really about a focused effort at all levels of the business on how to win in the marketplace. The ability to rally thousands

Saying Thanks by Giving Back

Only recently have I become aware of the number of places where the concept of “giving back” is showing up outside the expected charity events.

Strategic Approaches to Onboarding

Recent research on the impact of effective onboarding programs shows that it can help accelerate the assimilation of new employees into the workplace and reduce

The Infancy of Visual Consulting

Visualization to express complex business strategies isn’t a “fad” that might die. We’re on the vanguard of what might be truly groundbreaking and industry-shaking.

Strategy or Values? Yes!

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” The idea behind this is that values and cultural norms in an organization are

Culture Change in M&A

During a merger or acquisition, it’s critical to consider corporate culture. Everyone agrees that it’s important, but it often takes a back seat to

What is “World-Class Customer Service?”

These days it seems like everyone wants to be the Four Seasons or the Apple of their industry. With less demand and fewer potential

Learning With Game Theory

Many people think of Game Theory as the introduction of video games in the workplace, and are usually shocked to hear that it has been

Shifting a Leader’s Focus from In the Business to On the Business

Are you in the trenches working on the day-to-day or above visualizing the future? If you are in the trenches, who's creating the future?

Great Managers: Are They The Missing Link?

Over the past year or so I have heard many clients talk about their increased focus on the service profit chain. While I have heard

Tilt-shift Thinking…

When the time is taken to show employees a clear picture of the future it can make the biggest problems seem tiny.

Learning happens. Anywhere. Anyhow. And with anyone.

There is immense power in our organizations. That power is in the people who come into work, do their jobs, and go home. Let’s educate

How will the learning style of today’s youth differ from our own?

Technology is evolving at an extraordinary rate. While that is great for gamers, it is also brings amazing opportunities to how the next generation will

A picture is worth a thousand words

Are you creating lessons for your employees to go through, or giving them a big picture and allowing them to create their own journey?

Designing for Different Learning Styles: Follow-up

Our approach to learning is based heavily on our belief that a combination of innovative learning design enhanced by complementary media treatments creates an engaging

Good Morning, Management Family!

Getting an employee engaged and excited about his work is a lot like being a construction worker on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Both will want

Metaphors: Like a Kick to the Head

What do roundhouse kicks and training have to do in common? Easy, if you train the person how to do it right, no one gets

Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse

It is key to remember why you are building something and not just what you are building. Sure we want to have a great looking

Sink or Swim: Is It Always Best to Dive Right In?

People say that the best way to learn something new is to dive right in and starting practicing. But is that always the case?

I Want Cake, and Yes, I’ll be Eating It Too

Everyone knows there are many obstacles when doing anything (especially if IT is involved), but dealing with them head on always has the best outcome.

Asking the right questions

A lot of companies can make a product that is fun and engaging. We strive for these as well, but focus more on the value.

Marketing the “friendly skies”

But thinking more like a marketer and creating authentic awareness, excitement, and education about your strategy can have a profound impact on how well you

The iBar™ – Engagement at the Pub

Feeling connected is a funny thing. Sometimes it feels out of reach, others times it's as simple as setting down your drink.

Different Learners, Different Learning Styles

Writing a summary of a paragraph you just read is cakewalk, right? To some, yes, to others it's a big no!

The Seductive Detail!

Memory of the central topics will increase, just by introducing an interesting fact to help maintain a learner’s attention.

Organizational training and Fruit Loops®

Millions of people eat Fruit Loops every morning, and it isn't mandatory. What does that say about your training program?

Let’s go to the movies…

One of the fastest ways to provide a common understanding is through a story or a visual. The beauty of film is that it marries

The power of gaming

What makes a great game? The graphics, or the game play? We're willing to bet it's the latter.

Just say NO to the patchwork quilt method of curriculum design

Are you just bolting on more learning without a clear objective or big picture in mind? This can't go on forever...