Strategy Execution Know-How

For more than 25 years, Root has been the one-stop shop for hundreds of Fortune 2000 companies to facilitate hard conversations, bring clarity to strategies, change mindsets, bridge canyons, drive engagement, and achieve results. Our proven eight-step Strategic Change Process®, combined with business and problem‐solving expertise reveals the challenges, feelings, and behaviors that hold companies back.

Change is challenging. 54% of leaders lack conviction on the strategies they create, and 60-90% of strategies fail or aren’t executed as intended. But embracing change is a requirement for growth. In business, as in life, this means stepping outside comfort zones to get to new heights. And in some cases it means recognizing that having an outsider’s perspective can lead to breakthrough thinking and action.

Root brings that perspective, along with the knowledge of what it takes to successfully execute a strategy. We’ve helped 66% of the Fortune 50 create organizational and cultural change, deploy strategic initiatives, develop leaders and managers, deliver large-scale skill building, and find the bright spots in the business to replicate. We’re the professionals, and we have the strategy execution know-how.

“My team had been working on the messaging for six months and you [Root] filtered out the noise and developed the draft of an effective tool in one day.”
VP Business Development, Invensys Process Systems